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The story of the Spring Summer collection began last year with my mother surfing the internet looking for gifts. A voucher for a chocolate tasting course in Cambridge, a little bit random, but hey good gift for her grand daughter. ‘Dad, Granny got me tickets to a chocolate tasting course, you want to come?’ We walk into the room with four tables and 10 seats each and randomly pick our seats as others do. We taste the chocolate and discuss with our fellow tasters. The young lady next to us says that she like may daughters t-shirt covered with mathematical equations. It comes to light that we are sitting next to a University of Cambridge College Fellow who is Doctor of Mathematics and co-author of a paper on ‘Collisions of Random Walks.’


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Collisions of

Random Walks

Molecular Structure

of DNA

DNA Strands Electrophoresis Trapeziodal Segments

Calculating random walks?! This makes me think, was meeting Maria all those years ago just random or destiny? Could the randomness of the walks of our lives have been calculated for our hearts to collide as they did? Perhaps nothing is truly random, or maybe random is just a choice of direction, is there a choice? Or simply the direction is pre destined by the code of our DNA.

Coding... Computers aren’t random, they are logical machines which do as they are told, just ask any coder, unless you tell the computer exactly what to do to the last digit it will not do what you want. But life isn’t like that, is it? The DNA in each of cells is a long list of code in a double helix consiting of millions of base pairs bonded together as neatly as tunnel lining segments and has the information to make our bodies and our minds. That code is made from atoms of elements which were once created by exploding stars and spent millions of years floating somewhere in space long before the earth was formed. The atoms bonded together as part of the jigsaw of life and then evolved into what we are today. The human mind cannot possible be compared to the computers we know today, they are just dumb machines, fast but nothing compared to the power and complexity of the human brain. We should not forget that everything we are is because of our genetic instructions but this is our gift and what makes us special. To be able to make our lives our own as we are able think and imagine, but most importantly to love!


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