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It is what progresses humanity itself. It enhances our lives, beginning with the improvement of the essentials that are universally required; clean water, food, shelter and medicine. It then goes beyond simple subsistence, to what is desired; energy, travel, entertainment and of course beautiful clothes!

The Scientist and Engineer dwell within us all. As children were are curious, we then learn and are influenced by our environment. This stays with us in all our journeys through life; the excitement of discovery, the unique eureka moments that drive us forward. It is everything from finding the best way to help others, to discovering that special material thing that you always intrinsically desired and yet didn't know existed! It is finding the route from A to B which is the most efficient, or pleasurable, to making your space work exactly as you like it!

Some of us will specialise, others will support, entertain or provide, but it is the fields of Science and Engineering that will push humanity perpetually onwards on the twin tracks of technology and innovation. It will provide clean energy, food and water for everyone, and it will extend the lives of our loved ones beyond what we ever would have thought possible. It will enable knowledge to be shared universally, so that one day the whole world can be educated. This education will further fuel the furnaces of Scientific and Engineering development as a self perpetuating expansion of human thought.

The keen edge of human knowledge and understanding progresses indefatigably forward and so tomorrow will ever be a better day!


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May-Britt Moser

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